Marketing Luxury Real Estate: The Luxury of Pursuing Your Passion

Luxury is pursuing your passion. If you are truly passionate about luxury real estate marketing it is likely that you will enjoy a tremendous advantage over your competitors. And, great things must unfold in your practice.

For inspiration, just look to others outside of the realm of real estate, those who are passionate about their careers. Some people are passionate about collecting art; others collect vintage cars.

Enzo Enea, a Swiss landscape architect, is also one of the world’s most famous tree collectors. His tree collection will be on display at the Tree Museum that he developed. It opened in June, 2010 near Lake Zurich in Switzerland.

What is extraordinary about this open-air museum is the series of open spaces delineated by stone walls that create outdoor “rooms”. About 120 trees will be on view at a given time, in this 75,000 square meter environment, there will be exhibit themes such as different types of trees and various ways of shaping trees.

The techniques of transporting mature trees is Mr. Enea’s particular claim to fame, techniques that were inspired by his study of bonsai. He is most passionate about weeping willows and Japanese maples in particular.

Most of the trees in Mr. Enea’s collection were given to him. For example, a tree was about to be cut down in a property renovation and Enzo asked if he could remove the tree for his collection instead.

Discovering these kinds of opportunities that others overlook is the sign of a passionate person. It is the same in marketing luxury real estate. When you are passionate about your work not only is it a luxury, because it makes you feel alive, but it is also gives you the competitive edge.

Tips For Real Estate Agents – 5 Tips For Higher ROI

If you are a real estate agent but so far have lack-luster results; chances are you could use some advice. Likewise this advice can be helpful if you are just beginning your career. Our tips could be the difference as to whether you make it or break it in your career no matter how long you’ve been on the job. So sit back and relax and read our article on this subject.

One way you can accomplish this goal is to be more accessible on the Internet. In today’s world of marketing it is crucial to have a strong Internet presence. This applies to the real estate world too; including the agents. Whether you own your own business or simply have a lot of input with the boss; we would urge your company to have a website. This website ought to be easy to access and to use. Additionally you will want to have as much information on it as possible. Whenever you can, post pictures of the homes you are selling and/or of yourself. Accessibility is the key and these days that is best accomplished by being on the Internet.

While we are discussing your Internet presence; let’s talk about the importance of Internet-accessible reviews for yourself and/or your company. Nowadays nobody will hire you without first seeing many positive reviews. Those reviews are typically found on your favorite search engines. While you do not want to have bad reviews on the Internet; it is inevitable that you will have at least a couple of them. If your bad reviews are excessive you will lose businesses. The key here is to do everything within your power to ensure you get at least a high percentage of good reviews. Those will offset any bad ones.

Another suggestion we have is to know what you are talking about. Not only must you understand how to sell a home or commercial building; you must be able to navigate your client through the entire process. More than likely your client will not know a thing about real estate. Therefore it will be up to you to explain every step of the way to them.

One final tip we have for you is that you should have a deep passion for real estate. If you do not; you should find a different career path. Clients will be able to tell if you truly love your work. In turn; that will prove to them that you care about them as a client, then you will get more clients. On the opposite end of the spectrum; if this is merely a job or a hobby for you, that will be apparent too. In that case clients will feel that you don’t care if you give them great service or not. Then you will lose them to real estate agents who do possess this passion. This is not necessarily something you are born with. It is frequently an acquired passion. However, it must be present if you want to succeed.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing – It Takes Passion to Blog Consistently


As luxury real estate marketing professional who blogs, it is your passion about your subject that engages and uplifts your audience. When you are truly passionate about your subject YOU are an original because no one else possesses your particular viewpoint on your subject. That is why finding your own “voice” is the first step in becoming a blogger. You must first identify what you are most passionate about and eager to write about.

Do not blog until you discover your passion! Otherwise, you are just adding to the white noise that is comprised of boring blogs.

It takes passion to consistently tap your resources for new material. It takes passion to be persistent in producing posts on a regular basis. If your content is uninspired or purely self-promoting your results will not inspire you, let alone your audience. And, like many luxury real estate marketing professionals, you will soon abandon your blog.

It is the “subscribe” button and the “share” button on blogs that makes the blog such an amazing marketing tool. These features make it easy for your audience to follow you, to participate in your journalistic journey and also tell their friends about you, which can lead to increased business.

Subscriptions build your audience. Think of subscribing to a magazine. Your subscribers are telling you that they like your brand of content. That is why it is so important for you to have a consistent authentic voice.

Building an audience is what makes your blog a media. There is fierce competition for attention out there. Your audience expects a certain brand, your brand of content, each and every time you publish a post. By staying consistent on your brand signal when you blog, and delivering on your unique promise of value, each and every time, your blog can help you achieve top of mind within your marketplace, especially if it is focused on a particular niche.

10 Ways to Maximize Your Performance As a Real Estate Investor

Now, this is not a scientific study. I did not go out and survey 5,000 real estate investors and determine who were successful and who were not and then look at the characteristics that shape their success (or lack thereof). This is based on years of personal investing experience and what we have learned from other successful real estate investors.

If you lack these traits (or characteristics), there is a good chance you will under-perform as a real estate investor. You don’t have to have ALL of these, but the more you have, the more likely you will be highly successful.

  1. Passion – I feel strongly that if you have passion, real passion about real estate (and investing in it), you will perform better than if you don’t. We know quite a few investors that are not passionate about real estate that have been successful but they feel worn out and want to leave the business. The only reason they don’t leave is because it’s making them money… but they aren’t having fun and they aren’t making as much money as they would (I think) if they were passionate about it. Besides, why spend so much time, energy, focus, and money on something you don’t love? Life is too short!
  2. Mental strength – There are so many times where you may want to just give up because you’re doing so much heavy lifting mentally. Challenges like insurance issues, and property financing troubles, and tenant challenges are part of the business of real estate investing – be strong and you’ll do well. And by the way – the more physically fit you are – the better you’ll perform mentally. That’s a fact that has been proven by scientific study.
  3. Belief – No one, and I mean no one will (or should) believe in you as much as you do. If you don’t really believe that you can be a successful real estate investor, then you may as well stop trying. There will be times when it seems like you are the only one that believes in what you’re trying to do so you have to be there for yourself! You should also surround yourself with folks that believe in and support you… but that’s a different point.
  4. Guts – You have to be willing to go the opposite direction from the rest of the people you know. You have to be able to make your own decisions and have the guts to take action on them. This is not an easy thing to do especially when you first start out. And, to continue and advance as an investor you will still need guts to try new real estate strategies and techniques.
  5. Integrity – Sadly, I have met many folks who have become successful without integrity but I believe that their success is likely only financial. I am confident they don’t have the relationships nor the personal satisfaction that comes with doing business with integrity. Doing business in a way that treats everyone with respect in turn makes you easier to respect and like… and makes it easier to attract the folks that will help you grow your business.
  6. Focus – This is probably the most underrated trait or action for becoming successful. If you lack focus, it is still possible to become successful. Heck, over the years I have had trouble staying focused but I have still performed fairly well in the REI game. But, my lack of focus has certainly played an important role in keeping me from reaching my full potential. And, the best part about focus, along with most of these other traits is you can learn it/them!
  7. Communication – If you dislike talking to people, emailing, or just all around don’t communicate well with others, good luck performing and being successful with real estate. You have to communicate constantly with realtors, mortgage brokers, banks, accountants, lawyers, vendors, buyers, tenants, appraisers, inspectors, contractors, the list goes on and on. If you aren’t at least somewhat effective at not only getting your point across but also being a good listener and understanding others, forget about being in the REI game.
  8. Hustle – Lining up your joint venture partners, obtaining financing, managing all the appraisers, inspectors, realtors, placing and showing tenants the property all require a large amount of hustle. Sure, you don’t need to hustle 365 days a year to perform well, but you sure better be able to hustle every time a deal starts to come together!
  9. Commitment – Are you committed? Really committed to being an amazing investor? Are you making it a priority everyday that you do something that will move you towards your goal of being a real estate millionaire? Now, you don’t have to do something everyday, but your level of commitment is directly related to becoming better, stronger, faster, smarter, and wealthier. No commitment = Little to no payoff.
  10. Persistent – In my humble opinion, this is absolutely the most critical reason why some real estate investors under-perform. If you want to succeed in this business, you HAVE to be persistent. You will find the best deals by continuously following up on opportunities. You will secure the best financing by continuously trying to find a better option. If your partner backs out at the last minute you have to pick up that phone again and again until you find a new partner. Keep trying, keep pushing, keep being persistent. Do not give up.

Sure, there are likely several more traits that you need to have to rise to the top of the real estate investing pile, but if you have most (or all) of the above, you have a very good chance… in fact I would say you’re darn near guaranteed… to become a successful real estate investor.