A Passion For Real Estate

It doesn’t matter if you want to sell real estate or buy real estate, be an agent or appraiser, purchase a townhouse or add on a den, run a huge real estate company or operate out of your tiny one-car garage, or be someone who just likes reading the words “real estate!” You got to do it with passion. House hunting can’t be a lazy thing. House selling certainly not, either. Even if you’re selling a young couple a dirt-cheap fixer-upper. To them, it may be their very first home and the thing that new marriages and happy dreams are made of. To them, that run-down piece-of-junk first house is a palace. And no one lives in a palace without passion!

The father of philosophy, Mr. Aristotle, once remarked, “Whereas the law is passionless, passion must ever sway the heart of man.” And truer words were never spoken about real estate and the real estate market. Most of all: the real estate profession. You don’t find houses to sell. You find potential buyers–people–to sell houses to. Not the house you want to sell to them. But the house they want sold to them! When it’s done this way then everyone is happy. For success doesn’t just breed success. Success should breed happiness. If you’re an unhappy real estate agent then it just very well could be because you’re not making happy buyers. It has nothing to do with finding happy buyers. It’s making buyers happy.

And this brings me back to the word passion, and to what the 18th Century French philosophy Denis Diderot once said. If you don’t remember the now not-to-famous Denis, that’s okay. But try to remember these words: “Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things.” If you aspire to become a great real estate salesman or find yourself longing to purchase a great house to live in, then be passionate about it.

Forget about the real estate deal you have no passion for. And by all means, don’t buy a home or piece of property you feel passionless about. Or work with someone who is clearly a dispassionate buyer or seller. Even in today’s tough real estate market both seller and buyer can come away feeling happy in their dealing and in the ending deal. You must go in with passion, work it with passion, and be passionate about the business as you are about your personal life.

This is what breeds success and happiness. PASSION! Mr. Aristotle certainly knew it. Over 23 hundred years ago. And if he could sell the whole world on subjects like logic and reason, imagine how things would have gone if he had gotten into real estate. It would have been he who conquered the known world back in 4th Century B.C. Not that passionate-about-drinking-wine partying guy and soldier-boy-turned-general named er…oh yeah, Alexander!